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The Top 10 Lists

Hi!--this page is currently under construction. It will soon be the home of top choices in various topics, like movies, movie rentals, Albums, Singles, well, you get the idea! For those of you who do not, it will be similar to the Billboard top 100, except there will only be the top ten located here, and you the visitor will have full input! The lists will get updated every Monday evening, so you will have to check back often.

Since i am still in the planning stages, i need your input and suggestions. Below is my contact information; please use that to send me any ideas and suggestions you may have. Hopefully this page will be up and running by December 22nd 1997. If you would like to add your favorite choices to any subject, please be sure to notify me also.

Thank you for visiting, and be sure to check back often. I will reply back to all who ask me to also.

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