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The    Acro    Webring!

Welcome to the homepage of the TAW! If you are interested in joining, all the info you need is below. Ring members:the newsletter is no longer going to be sent by email(except for new will be sent any new sites as they are added) To all new sites wanting to be added: Submit your site to the queue, and you will receive an email with the needed code; when you receive the code,paste it onto your page, and make the needed changes(ring id#, etc.), your site will then be checked, and if everything is in working order, you will be added by me in a prompt amount of time. If you need to make any changes in your site info after being added, click the "edit" below, and follow the instructions. Any questions or problems? Email me, and i'll reply back to you ASAP.

Rik Fletcher Jr TAW Ringmaster

To submit your site:Click the "Join" button on the ring map below

To edit your site info:Click here(for sites already in the ring)

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Ring members: here is a new ring map submitted for voting...please email me and let me know what you think!