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Catch him if you can!!

The    Rusty    Wallace    Page!

Hi! Welcome to my Rusty Wallace page. Rusty is my favorite driver, I have followed him for quite a few years,long before Jeff Gordon came into the Nascar world. Unlike many people out there, i never abandoned him; i stuck with him thru thick and thin.Many people out there abandoned their favorite drivers to jump on another bandwagon. For example, the Jeff Gordon bandwagon!--Just because he is winning(for reasons i care not to say)everybody likes him. Well, i am not one of thosepeople!! I do not care about Gordon, or whether he wins or loses. Well, actually,I can't stand to see him win! All i can say is he will eventually fade intothe background, and he won't be as popular. But me, i'll be happy.1998 is going to be the year for Rusty. He will be driving a new car,the Taurus, and it will the year he takes the championship! Now,a little info on Rusty: Rusty was born on August 14,1956.The team owners are:Penske Racing South, which is a partnership of Roger Penske,Don Miller, and Rusty Wallace. 1997 became the 12th consecutive year of winning races for Rusty. He was the USAC stock car series Rookie-of-the-Year in 1979, he was also the runner-up in the points battle. He traveled to short tracks from Florida to Califonia winning 190 feature events. In 1993, focused on winning the points title on the ASA circuit, he won 8 races, 4 poles, and completed 96.5% of the laps, taking the championship. In 1984, he made the move to NASCAR, and he became Rookie-of-the-Year that year.In 1986, he won his first big time race at Bristol, TN, and since then, he has won at least one race every season since. 1989 was the year Rusty became the Winston Cup Champ, and 1991 became the IROC(International Race Of Champions).1993 produced 10 race wins. Entering 1997, he had 46 career NASCAR wins. This year was not a kind year for him, he only won 1 race, but he finished in 9th place in points. He also won the inaugral Suzuka 100 in Suzuka City, Japan. I am anxiously awaiting the start of the 1998 racing season, and Rusty's dominance.

In my opinion, THE greatest driver--past,present, and future!!

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