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Welcome to The Cabin Webring Homepage! This ring is for Acrophobia players that have a special homepage dedicated to the best room in Acro! ..If you would like to join this pretigious ring, there are only a few things that are asked of you:

Your first born child(LOL...j/k)

You must have a Cabin related homepage, although i may allow any Acro page as well.

No Pornography!(unless you send it to me first to review(LOL hehe another joke))

The site has to be able to be read by all ages

The ring map must be on you page before it is added to the ring.(see below)

That's it! Easy enough huh?*lol*

To submit your site:Click Here

To edit your site info:Click here(for sites already in the ring)

To Get Your Ring Fragment(code), you will need to

Emailme the present time, i am unable to provide a link for the fragement(code). Just copy and paste the code from the email, and make the needed changes.

This is what your ring map will look like on your page(this is an example, the links will not work) You must save the images to your hard drive, please do not link to thie page. I have called the left image:cabins.jpg the right images is called:dizzy.gif

This Cabin Web Ring site is owned by

Want to join the Cabin Webring?
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